Fix Mainsail Timelapse Camera Greyed Out

Are you unable to select your custom camera in the TIMELAPSE settings of Mainsail? is it greyed out or blank?

Mainsail Interface Timelapse Settings

This is usually due to having a hardcoded snapshoturl value in your Moonraker config and makes it impossible for Mainsail to overwrite it. The solution is to simply remove that part of the config and let mainsail handle it.

This config is automatically generated when installing Moonraker Timelapse with the Creality Helper Script by Guilouz. Perfect for the Creality Ender-3 V3 KE.

How to Fix Timelapse

  1. Navigate to your Mainsail interface
  2. Click on Machine to access your config files
  3. Open moonraker.conf
  4. Scroll down to the entry called [timelapse]
  5. Remove or comment out all lines in the [timelapse] section.
  6. Save and restart.

You should now be able to select your webcam in Mainsail and get your timelapses working.

Mainsail Machine Configs

Open moonraker.conf



Remove or comment out the section under [timelapse]


You can add custom settings under the [timelapse] section such as where to save your timelapse or snapshots.

But we think it is better the leave the [timelapse] section blank and let Mainsail handle it for better compatibility.

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