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Creality Hyper Series PLA | Review

Creality’s Hyper Series PLA filament is a top-tier 3D printing product. It meets the needs of fast-paced 3D printer users with grace and efficiency. This stunning filament offers many unique features, which makes it superior to regular PLA filaments. Its high speeds, inability to string, and strong layer adhesion give an excellent performance in various types of 3D printing.

Creality Hyper Series PLA
Creality Hyper Series PLA
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Many see the blue Hyper Series PLA Filament as their number one choice for effective and reliable 3D printing materials due to its amazing speed, non-stringiness, and fantastic layer bonding action.

Creality Hyper PLA

It fits perfectly into the roles where there’s a need for detail, accuracy, and quality during 3D print jobs. Regardless of whether it’s quick modeling, testing, creating useful tools or beautiful art pieces, this versatile filament suits a broad-spectrum application exceptionally well.

Hyper Series PLA – A Product Overview

Introducing the Hyper Series PLA filament by Creality – a high-speed, top-quality 3D printing product. This standout polymer filament with a diameter of 1.75 mm (also available in blue color) has been specifically designed to support print speeds of up to 600mm/s without affecting print perfection.

PLA or polylactic acid gets the vote as the most popular among fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers because it’s affordable and earth-friendly. It is made from eco resources such as cornstarch and sugarcane.

The Hyper Series PLA filament outmatches all the other filaments in its category and wins in two crucial areas: strength and toughness. With the filament’s impressive density of 1.25g/cm³ along with a stretching limit measured at around 52 Mpa plus bending prowess that hovers near to around 92 Mpa, it beats ABS on tensile strength, while proving tougher than traditional PLA.

The operational side is impressive too, as the Hyper Series PLA typically prints well at temperatures between 190-230°C and hotbed temperatures of 25°C – 60°C.

And yes, it does conspire favorably with multiple build plates such as PEI plates , textured papers, carbon-silicon plates, and even PVP solid glue types.

Print Test

This is our first print with the blue Hyper PLA.

Creality Hyper PLA Boat 2

Print speed: 500mm/s
Layer Height: 0.25mm
Print Time: 19m (With calibration and leveling)
Filament: Blue Creality Hyper PLA

The print went well and fast. As you can see, we only experienced some minor stringing and adhesion issues at the top with the overall quality being very good.

Creality Hyper PLA Boat 1

Print speed: 500mm/s
Layer Height: 0.25mm
Print Time: 19m (With calibration and leveling)
Filament: Blue Creality Hyper PLA

Creality Hyper Series PLA
Creality Hyper Series PLA
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Hyper Series PLA’s Remarkable Speed Features

The Hyper Series PLA filament by Creality brings speed to 3D printing. It suits users who aim to print quickly while keeping a high quality of prints.

It sets itself apart from other PLA filaments with its ability to print at amazing speeds. While many traditional filaments perform prints ranging from 30mm/s to 200mm/s, the Hyper Series kicks it up a notch. Astoundingly, print speeds can go as high as 600mm/s using this unique filament.

This series of filament is suitable for most FDM printers that use a standard size of 1.75mm filament, such as Ender 3, Monoprice and FlashForge Adventurer, among others. However, you do need a high speed printer in order to print this filament at top speeds. We recommend the affordable yet super fast Creality Ender-3 V3 KE and the Bambu Lab A1 3D Printer.

Why does it print so fast? High fluidity sets this filament apart which leads to effective melting and extrusion, significant concepts for speedier printing. By having this feature in place, the printer nozzle smoothly releases the filament, reducing chances for clogs while optimizing consistency in output.

Another essential element that makes it stand out is its rapid cooling formula enhancing its speedy performance. Even when operating at the topmost level, this quick setting property allows users to retain the shape and integrity of objects printed.

Quality remains intact even at the astounding pace set by the Hyper Series. It keeps stability high and allows small variations in thermal expansion and cold contraction when printing fast – leading to precise dimensions and enhanced outcomes.

Hyper Series PLA’s Exceptional Non-Stringy Performance

In 3D printing, stringiness can give users a hard time. They often experience this problem when they speed up their printing process. Filaments-like strands hang from nozzles and move freely, leaving messy strands all over prints.

Among many brands battling this challenge, Hyper Series PLA by Creality comes off as a distinct winner. It is crafted with features that restrict the filament from stringing during fast printings. This means you get cleaner and more precise prints every single time, irrespective of the speed.

This fuss-free nature of Hyper Series PLA again owes mainly to its high fluidity and rapid cooling formula— two things vital for efficient extrusion and quick shaping at high speeds, respectively. Comparative assessments clearly show how Creality’s Hyper Series PLA has an edge over others plagued by stringing issues at top speeds.

Examining the Superior Layer Adhesion in Hyper Series PLA

The Hyper Series PLA by Creality is known for its great layer adhesion. Layer adhesion is key in 3D printing. The Hyper Series PLA also stands out here as well. Its tensile strength and toughness surpass that of ABS and common PLA materials.

It has a tensile strength of about 53 Mpa, much higher than ABS’s 46 Mpa. It also shows superior bending strength at roughly 92 Mpa compared to 68 Mpa offered by typical ABS filaments.

Why does all this matter? Well, good layer adhesion means solid prints that stay together under stress without separating into layers or delaminating. This is especially important when you are creating parts meant to endure strain or pressure.

Users have reported that even fast-printing did not weaken their models’ quality when using the Hyper PLA filament, which was not the case with other PLAs they tried before – often leading them into issues such as failure and under-extrusion.

This fact strongly emphasizes how impressively well designed for high-quality output this filament stands despite being worked at substantial speed levels.

The Importance of Choosing Color for a Filament

Entering the world of 3D printing needs a keen eye for quality. A key part is choosing the right filament color for your Hyper Series PLA. Printed objects with the correct color have the right contrast to them, flaunting a striking appearance. They seem high-quality, professional, and visually appealing because of the depth of color used.

Another appeal comes from consistent coloring. Good color consistency brings prints that are uniform throughout. In 3D printing, even a little inconsistency can spoil visual appeal and the perception of the product’s quality.

Hyper Series PLA displays no such problem at all. Its blue color remains clear and bright every time without fail. This makes prints cleaner looking, which offers more aesthetic value to viewers’ eyes.

So, if you’re seeking vibrancy, consistency, and richness in your print, choose the blue color Hyper series PLA by Creality.

Advantages of Using Hyper Series PLA Filament

Using the Hyper Series PLA Filament provides the following advantages:

High Printing Speed with Precision

Hyper Series PLA offers fast printing speeds. Its high fluidity formula and quick cooling attribute enable it to print up to 600mm/s speed. High speed does not mean compromising on accuracy here. It stands tall, providing precise results during even rapid prints, courtesy of its thermal stability.

Uniform Wire Diameter

The wires are uniform at 1.75±0.03mm diameter. This is due to the bi-directional laser measurement techniques adopted for filament processing. So, you get consistent extrusion always with your prints smoothly coming out as planned.

Extreme Strength

Strength is not missed when talking about Hyper Series PLA filament, either. Surpassing not just regular PLAs but ABS too in tensile strength ensures durability for models printed using it.

Warp-Free Parts

An advantage of this filament is its high dimensional stability. This feature minimizes warping during printing processes, leading to warp-free parts with less risk.

Improved Inter-layer Bonding

One notable aspect of Hyper Series PLA is improved bonding between layers. Under high-speed printing conditions, it outperforms regular PLAs by enhancing interlayer bonding quality and impact resistance.


The Hyper Series PLA filament works with almost all FDM 3D printers and 3D pens that have heated beds. Because it can work with such a range of devices, many users find this filament incredibly useful no matter what their 3D printing setup may be.

Environmentally Friendly

Last but not least, Hyper Series puts environmental care at the forefront by utilizing renewable resources in the production process, thereby offering an eco-friendly alternative for users.


Creality’s Hyper Series PLA filament has distinct qualities, such as high-speed printing, non-stringiness, and superb layer attachment. The users have imparted positive feedback on the filament, advocating its smooth operation, user-friendliness, and rapid printing ability with Creality and a range of other 3D printers.

A number of advantages are associated with the Hyper Series PLA filament:

Firstly, speed is one highlight; it maintains up to 600mm/s print speeds which means it’s tenfold faster than conventional PLA filaments.

Secondly, this filament significantly lessens stringiness. This ensures sharp and exact prints even at high speeds.

Last but not least is its layer attachment; exhibiting more tensile strength compared to ABS and increased firmness over standard PLA makes this filament highly adhesive, leading to thick inter-layer connections, thus ensuring a lasting structure.

Given these factors, it would not be an exaggeration to recommend the blue-colored Hyper series PLA by Creality for those who value efficiency alongside superior production, especially when it comes to 3D printing.

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