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Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner | Review

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D scanner is one of the most advanced 3D scanners on the market, developed by the same company who created the wonderful Ender-3 V3 SE 3D Printer. This state-of-the-art scanning technology can capture highly detailed three dimensional models of objects with speed and accuracy, allowing for a wide range of applications. Lets take a closer look at the features that make this machine stand out as one of today’s premier 3D scanners.

Creality CR Scan Ferret
Creality CR Scan Ferret
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Key Features of the CR-Scan Ferret

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret offers a weight of 105g, its compact size assures mobility and ease of use. Having an impressive resolution of 0.16 mm means it can capture fine detail with precision. It boasts accuracy within a deviation as minor as 0.1mm – showcasing just how meticulous this device truly is.

While using CR-Scan Ferret users can forget about maintaining ideal distances or fearing unstable positioning because this scanner gives ample room for movement with a comfortable range of 150-170 mm to work within.

Its powerful camera captures full-color textures for all scanned objects in high-resolution glory which lets the scanner display objects’ original colors for enriched results. With a single capture range offering up to an immense expanse measuring at about 560 by 820 mm – no object is too big to capture. So whether it’s automotive parts or even entire cars being the subject matter, rest assured that every rendering remains smooth, seamless and wholly satisfying.

Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner Color

Setup and Calibration

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D scanner fits conveniently in a pocket or backpack, needing little space. This gadget uses minimal power and runs effortlessly on either a 5V power bank or an Android phone. Inside the box is a zippered clam-shell container that holds the scanner and its accessories such as tripod/battery bank, phone mount, adjustable mount, cables for mobile device or PC use.

Setting up this scanner proves to be simple. All it needs is a USB 3.0 connection or Wi-Fi to link it with your computer or smartphone. The package comes complete with a stand, too. Users can place their phones on this stand while connected, allowing them to see scanning results immediately.

When it comes to the calibration of the Creality CR-Scan Ferret, things are simple and direct. This scanner has a special chip called an ASIC depth computation chip. With this, processing large-scale images is swift and seamless at 60 frames per second (fps). That’s ten times quicker than common chips available on most scanners.

Excitingly, the scanning speed isn’t left behind as it stands at a respectable 30 fps. It ensures getting detailed 3D point clouds faster for better scan flow. Plus, color texture scans aren’t left out with this device thanks to its high-resolution color camera built into its system. The result; colors of scanned items get accurately replicated in rendered models right away.

Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner Infographic

Design and Software

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D scanner is all about ease and efficiency. In terms of design, it’s sleek and compact. The Ferret might be small but its features are powerful and innovative.

To start using the Ferret, you only need a PC or a Mac with the Creality Scan software or a smartphone with the mobile app installed on it. These tools house numerous useful features to help get neat scans and complete models in no time at all.

One-click model optimization is one such feature; just as the name suggests, it can optimize any selected model with one swift mouse click. Additionally, auto noise removal keeps your outputs clean while simplified topology ensures they’re also streamlined.

Next up is color texture mapping; now this tool really makes your designs pop out in vibrant colors giving them an incredibly life-like appearance! Creality didn’t stop there though; it included auto alignment that adjusts position automatically for multiple angles ensuring each scan covers all possible perspectives of an object.

For sharing purposes, scanned objects can easily be uploaded onto the Creality Cloud platform from where they may then be sliced for specific tasks like 3D printing – again attainable by just hitting a single button!

Creality is also including integration of a WLAN adapter, which is designed to make this handy device wireless plus special apps tailored specifically for iOS and Android users.

The Scanning Process

With a 1080p color camera, this gadget scans everything within the specified red grid. Its automatic brightness setting ensures great scan performance. Yet in unchanging constant light, you can manually tune the brightness using an easy slider.

The scanner also integrates an infrared camera which works similarly to the color camera but captures radiations beyond visible light in detail. A distance indicator keeps track of your proximity to your object and helps deliver optimal results by advising on best positioning during scanning.

A special feature labeled ‘Exclude flat Base’, allows you to exclude horizontal surfaces like tables in scenarios where you’re scanning items placed on them. Additionally, This device shows a live preview of points being scanned through its Scan Point Cloud feature; displaying real-time formation of digital objects from physical ones.

Last but not least: There is also the Pause button, it gives control over when to stop and restart your scan process especially when repositioning or flipping your subject. In summary, the Creality CR-Scan Ferret keeps hands-on scanning simple, efficient and controlled every step of the way!

Price and Value for Money

The Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D scanner retails at $349.00, as seen on the official site. Prices can shift a bit based on where you live or who’s selling. Value for money isn’t just about cost though; what users get matters, too. This scanner stands out in its field due to its precision, material versatility, and instant feedback ability among other features. So is it a worthy investment? For anyone interested in journeying into the thrilling world of 3D scanning, this product fits perfectly in providing quality without breaking your bank.


The Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner is an impressive piece of machinery that has set the standard for what high quality 3D scanning can be. With its ability to generate detailed scans quickly and accurately at reasonable cost, it’s an asset to individuals that love 3D printing. It’s also relatively easy to use and operates smoothly making it simple enough even for a novice user. From design to setup through calibration and completing scan, everything runs like clockwork, making this machine reliable and easy to use.

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